Woodcould Exhibition



Featured in WOOD-COULD exhibition
At Kalwit Studio&gallery

Concept  : 

Imagination is important in artist’s creation. Technique, beauty, material are supporting each other to make a completed piece.
Special identity of each artist is a signature that portrays selfness and thinking in ways of art.

Exhibition WOOD-COULD is made for artist to create and art work by using a certain material: “wood”.
Artists will display their specialty, value, and imagination in such a way that we have never seen before.
WOOD-COULD or “เสี้ยน” in Thai word has two meanings: wood splinter and deep desire,
so the meaning of this exhibition is the deep desire of creating artwork from “wood”.


Wood could ; เสี้ยน 

theme & concept of artist : The stage of Emotion

Concept : The word “เสี้ยน” in Thai can mean, wood splinter or Emotion stage, “Craving” or “Desire” that has to be release. In these 3 pieces of artworks are story about each stage of emotion symbolize the wood splinter as unusual piece of thing or emotion that buried in our skin and need to get rid off. 

by using wood and animal as symbolic.


Part 1 : Chopping Board

title name : Stage 1 ; Slumber 

Size : 27x21 cm

Technique :  drawing / painting ; wood installation 

Concept :  Stage 1 : Slumber, symbolized the stage of uncommon piece in our mind or body that still sleeping inside but soon to be awaken,


Part 2 : Chopping board

title name : Stage 2 ; Awaken

Size : 33x23 cm

Technique : drawing, painting

Concept : Stage 2 : Awaken, when we realized that there are something strange in out mind or body, we notice and perceive. Our feeling start to gushing out. Little by little and finally “liberate” 


Part 3 : Wood cubes

title name : Stage 3 ; Liberate

Technique : spray paint on wood and die-cut paper ; wood installation

Concept : Stage 3 : Liberate, The last stage of emotion to let things or feeling go.