Kisses from the Bloom


DISAYA kisses from the bloom SS13


Disaya Spring/Summer 2013 "Kisses From The Blooms" Summer literally started its fountain of colors here at Disaya. Beside the sunny - tone ray of light, we guided you from a yard of flowery lawn to parties of mingling bush buddies. The dandy chaperons were all topiaries, inviting everyone to explore darling scenery and of course, to let you in love with the new enchanted garden, plus the utmost gamut from Disaya’s candied yard. But why go sweet? While you could enjoy the new flavour of Disaya’s new lavish - pop concept - to bold a story with peculiar designs, re - informed a British aesthetic and infused it into the seasonal libretto. A fresh start was an anatomy of flowers - each angle was explored and redone as the shapes for this summer. Pulled helix flowers were created by embroidered organza stripes as seen on light - weight satin day - dress. Side by side with the petal - layered lace ensembles that played with different hue laces, another teasing of nature corollas. If the single flower was not enough, Disaya let them fully bloom on weaved jacquard for the day frocks and a new lovely combination, which perfectly closed this blossom combo. All hail to dress! In all colours you can find in nature, Disaya celebrated its own signatures with every aspect from this summery theory, - three major prints; Day & Night English Yards and the Brick Garden were painted bit by bit onto different pieces from the floral shapes day dresses to blowing up the night attire by splashing the sceneries on printed-sequin floor - length dress.


Brand : DISAYA

Art director : Terawat Teankaprasith