Love In Spring




In Loving Memory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej


“Our Musical King” Calendar Design / Concept by Farmgroup / Curated by Farmgroup


Project "Our Musical King" is a project initiated by Farmgroup, a Bangkok-based design consultancy in collaboration #.

The project aims to commemorate His Majesty the Late King Rama IX’s dedication to and achievements in music and art.

Throughout his lifetime, his Majesty the Late King was not only widely recognised as the great benevolent king but also as a musical genius.

He played the saxophone, composed over 48 musical masterpieces and was awarded the Certificate of Bestowal of Honorary Membership

by the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Künst (Academy for Music and Performing Arts) in Vienna.

He was the first Asian ever to receive such an honour.

As a tribute to His Majesty the Late King’s talent and passion for music, Farmgroup invites each artists to create vinyl record cover

based on his or her interpretation of His Majesty the Late King’s selected royal composition.


The exhibition includes works by Jackkrit Anantakul, Clubpop, Marchroom, Wide & Narrow Co.LTD., Dogkillmen, The Uni_form Design Studio,

Studio Marketing Materials, Bloody Hell Big Head, Hereodd, Farmgroup, Chatchanok Wong and Panlert.